Why do we believe working with a customized veterinary network is key?

Just like human health insurance works with medical network, we believe pet insurance should work with network too.

Of course, it seems very appealing to be able to go to any veterinary clinic in the country and claim for reimbursement. But at Royal Trust, we are not the kind of guys that want to sell you the moon.

Being pet parents ourselves, we know for a fact that not all vet clinics are ethical and professional. We all came across unscrupulous vet doctors willing to overcharge.

“Quality of service guaranteed”

Because we cannot control the quality of services and level of ethics of all vet clinics in the UAE, we decided to build our own Royal Trust veterinary network and to onboard vet clinics that had been recommended by pet parents and are known for their high standards of quality and ethics. We have an individual relationship with each vet clinics part of our network, so we can make sure the right treatment is being given to your furry friend.

“Getting your claims validated more easily”

One of the main reasons why pet insurance in the UAE failed big time in the past was because the companies offering it never thought of building a vet network and were riddled by too many high claims. Working with a closed vet network enables insurance companies to better control the validity of the claims and make sure to avoid frauds from unethical vet clinics. It is the exact reason why human health insurance in the UAE works with medical networks. The plus side is that it also offers peace of mind for pet parents who get their claims accepted and reimbursed way faster and easier. Within 7 working days. Because what’s the point to pay for a pet insurance if you are always at risk to get your claim rejected?

“A cheaper overall bill”

Working with a closed veterinary network also enables insured members to pay cheaper for the same vet services. The condition for vet clinics to be part of Royal Trust veterinary network is to give a discount on their services for our members.

Concretely, it means that even with the same copayment applying, the amount you will have to pay yourself will be cheaper with us than with other pet insurance providers.

Quick example:

Your dog needs to undergo soft tissue surgery.

The vet bill for such surgery is usually 5,000 AED.

With 20% copayment from another pet insurance company, you will have to pay out of pocket 1,000 AED.

The same soft tissue surgery with Royal Trust will be charged by our partner vet clinic 4,500 AED (based on the average discount given by our vet clinics). With the same 20% copayment, you will have to pay out of pocket only 900 AED.

So, even if having an open vet network can seem appealing, the vet ecosystem in the UAE is too uncontrolled to be sustainable for now. And guess what? Our aim at Royal Trust is to be on your side over the long run. For this, we need to pull up our sleeves and do the homework.


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