Eager to pamper both your pet and your wallet? Think of pet insurance

Raising a pet in Dubai, in Abu Dhabi or elsewhere in the UAE is expensive, even terribly expensive sometimes! Despite the growing number of veterinary clinics operating in the country (seems like there is a new vet clinic opening every week in Al Wasl…), veterinary expenses remain a major source of stress for pet owners due to unpredictable and skyrocketing prices.

Still, some pet parents in the UAE seem to doubt of the advantages of having pet insurance. To cover emergency bills, lots of pet parents choose to save up every month on a specific account to be able to afford expensive surgeries when bad things happen. This situation can lead to terrible dilemmas. Did you know for instance that in the UAE, the rate of euthanasia is significantly higher than in the UK (where insuring his pet is a very common thing) ?

So, why isn’t everyone convinced (yet) by the benefits of pet insurance in the UAE? Here are the key concerns pet owners have. Let’s look at them together:

1/ There was pet insurance in the UAE in the past and it failed dramatically

On the reasons why it failed in the past, check our blog post.

2/ My pet is healthy. Pet insurance will cost me more money than to pay the vet bills myself

Before launching our pet insurance solutions, we interviewed over 500 pet parents in the UAE. The survey we realized gave us a clear idea of the expenses pet owners are facing. 48% of them have over AED 2,000 worth of annual pet bills. Among those, 23% of pet parents in UAE are paying more than AED 4,000 of vet bills per year.

You know it already, having a pet is not cheap. Insuring it will give you the peace of mind to know that your furry family member will have a good quality of life and will always be properly taken care of by professional vet doctors. Even if your pet is healthy, an accident can always happen. Being covered against accident is a must, as surgery can be extremely expensive.

Also, we made it clear that preventive care should also be covered in our policies. It means that even if your pet is perfectly healthy and has no accident, you will be able to use your pet policy at least for annual vaccination or routine consultations.

At Royal Trust, we are on a mission to make you earn money with all the other costs you can have as pet parent. We want to go beyond pet insurance. That’s why we have been negotiated discounts and special offers with the best petcare companies in the UAE. What does it mean? When the coverage of your pet starts, he/she also becomes a proud member of Royal Trust community, and you can pamper him/her with nice grooming, pet food at discounted prices!

3/ Pet insurance is not worth it because pre-existing conditions are not covered.

Yes, almost all pet insurance companies in the world don’t cover pre-existing conditions. But even if your pet happens to have pre-existing conditions, there are so many other illnesses that can happen to your loved one and that will be covered.

Most common health problems faced by pets:

For dogs:

  • Diarrhea
  • Ear infection
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Skin allergies

For cats:

  • Diabetes
  • Kidney disease
  • Urinary problem
  • Vomiting

Without mentioning all the accidents that can happen and that are also covered.

4/ After a certain age, my pet won’t be covered anymore

Of course, there are age limits to insure your furry friend. For example, we took the hard decision not to accept pets that are older than 8 years old. But any pet that was insured with us prior to the age of 8-year-old will remain insured after.

So, pet insurance is definitively worth it both for your wallet and for the quality of life of your pet in the long run!


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